Collection one

You know who

Happy face on, but I’m in disguise..
Tryna act woke, but I’m just sleep deprived..
Sunshine, park walks, never been the guy..

Sunshine, park walks, never been the picnic type..
Prefer the darkness, so I dim the lights…
Cus these night googles have me seeing things in a different light..


Fake tough, a wannabe..
Wake up and pop a pill..
Life’s chaos, I wanna leave..
Take off to another realm..

Wake up, and pop a pill?
I stay up, can’t fall asleep..
I play dumb, but I wanna speak..
A sailor, but I’m lost at sea..

I’m such a bitch.



It literally never looks like this

This is what happened.

Hundreds of years ago, a Yoruba traveler went to the south-southern part of Nigeria and was served Edikang Ikong — a soup he immediately realized was the best he had ever tasted.

He then tried to steal the recipe by memorizing it to bring back home to replicate. But by the time he got back to Yorubaland, he had forgotten 75% of the recipe and his attempt to replicate Edikang Ikong while having only 25% of the required information resulted in Efo Riro (literally translation: “mixed-up vegetables”)— a soup that is 10x inferior in taste, quality and every other measure of goodness to Edikang Ikong. A soup that NAFDAC, FAO, UN, and WHO should ban. Along with that scam called poundo-yam.



Sarah, she’s heaven sent,
As a baby, I’d carry and I’d hold her..
Later, its eleven years,
She’s so tall, nearly at my shoulder..

Now the big sister at home,
Helping her mum in the kitchen..
I’m struck by how much she has grown,
I’m struck at the child she still is…

“Uncle Seun, remember to say your prayers”,
She’s beautiful, saying words to me..
Dear God, please, help protect Sarah,
She truly means the world to me…

“Uncle Seun, If you finish your Masters, will you have a Mastercard?”,
That’s a question she really did ask..
How could I tell her. I’ve thrown away the Master’s card,
Sarah, I’m now trying to get me Visa..